Best Travel Adapter to Use for Pakistan

Travel adapters are as important as a voltage converter to run any imported electronic appliance in Pakistan. Different countries may use different shapes of plugs in their wall outlet while the best travel adapter allows plugging into any device as per the socket shape. Thus, picking the multi-plug adapter from Amazon in Pakistan is crucial to plug any appliance safely into the local socket. Nowadays, Amazon shopping in Pakistan becomes common because people find ease in getting gadgets from UK or USA. However, people do not know about Pakistan to UK plug adapter or the US to Pakistan plug adapter available to operate foreign gadgets in the country. If you are one of them, let us guide you comprehensively about it. Read on to find the best pick for the plug adapters online shopping in Pakistan that you should opt for the safety of the imported appliances.

Common plug outlets in Pakistan:

The prime thing is to find the common socket type of the country before buying the relative travel adapter converter. When it comes to Pakistan, you will mostly find four shapes of sockets, i.e., plug type C, plug type D, and plug type G.

  • Type C: It is the most common outlet that contains two round pins, a live and neutral pin. It is compatible with almost every local device or charger. However, an imported appliance may not fit in a Type C plug. Thus, you will need an electric plug to make a Type C plug fit to the UK, US, or EU Plug in Pakistan.
  • Type D: It features 3 round pins, i.e., a live, a neutral, and an earth pin. It is mostly required for high-powered electronic appliances. The socket for type D is mostly paired with type G to make the outlet more versatile. However, both of them may not fit with several imported gadgets.
  • Type G: It also has three pins having 3 vertical holes with plastic shutters. You will find this plug type in the Air conditioner, washing machine, and other heavy-duty appliances.
  • Type M: It has three large round pins in a triangular configuration, i.e., neutral, live, and earth.

Suitable travel adapters for Pakistan

Once you find the type of plug outlets in your room, you need to find the compatible power adapter that makes the power outlet versatile. Here are some options that you can opt for making your life easy with imported appliances.

  • Universal travel adapter: Whether you are traveling abroad or using imported gadgets in our country, universal travel adapter Pakistan will make your life easy. They have an all-in-one design in which plugs of more than 150 countries can function. Moreover, they also have a surge protector to protect the device from overpowering. When it comes to portability, you will also find this type the most suited one for traveling. Commonly, you will find plug compatibility with type C, type D, type G, type E, type F, type B, type G, type I, etc. When you are looking for a universal adapter price in Pakistan, consider checking its adaptability with different plug types. However, it is not recommended to use for high-powered appliances, such as fridge, microwave, Air conditioner, kettle, etc.
  • Travel power strip: If you want to connect more devices at a time, you should consider investing in a power strip. It provides multiple power outlets in multiple plug shapes. You can consider it an extension of a socket because it adds more portability to its features. The modern power strip also comes with USB C ports to make it used for cell phone charging. You can use it to plug in the components of a computer system for an easy, compact, and manageable setup. The best pick is a power strip that provides sockets for Type A, type B, type D, type E, type F, type G, type H, and type I. You need to choose a compatible one as per your gadget requirement.
  • Travel USB wall charger: If you want to convert your power outlets into a wall charger, you only need the USB wall charger adapter. It comes with a type G and type C plug and provides one and more USB outlets for charging compatibility. The best thing is that it does not affect the voltage and provides surge protection. Thus, it is great for charging cell phones, tablets, or other compatible devices.
  • Type G plug adapter: In our country, you will mostly find type G in homes. Thus, it is important for foreigners to must have a Type G plug adapter during their travel. The best thing is it can also support high-powered electronic gadgets with its stable and reliable surge protection feature. You will find simple power plug adapters in any local shop or online store that ensures easy connectivity of your appliance. 

Plug Socket and Standard Voltage:

Power supply varies from 100V to 240V in electronic gadgets, and not every gadget operates on every voltage. In addition, regular power adapters only make the gadget’s plug fit in the socket without affecting the voltage. Thus, it is important to consider a voltage converter with a travel adapter and ensure the safety of your electronic device. When it comes to Pakistan, you will find 230V as a standard voltage supply. However, most international devices do not work on dual voltage. Voltage converter simply alters the voltage from 230 volts to the required rate as per the device. It helps the appliance to work with better efficiency. You can also find many options of plug adapters with transformer and voltage converters. These adapters efficiently operate the imported device with no-operational defects due to overpowered or different voltage supplies. Moreover, you should also check the power rating in AMPS or WATTS of converters to ensure your gadget will not exceed the rating.

Hope! This article has helped you find the right international travel adapter to operate any gadget in Pakistan. So, invest in a reliable and high-rated power adapter and ensure the safety of your electronic appliance.